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Development of a cognitive anti-flu environmental measurement device

Experimental master thesis opportunitiy in the field of cognitive perception and environmental safety. We offer the opportunity to carry out online internships for the acquisition of F-type credits and / or experimental master thesis for the design and implementation of an "edge-computing" device that can discriminate the presence of human subjects with influence in crowded environments. Preferred Curriculum: NEDAS of the Master in Computer Science, or Applied Data Science. Other DISIM master degree students can also apply for the thesis, proving that they have knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence in general, Machine Learning and data analysis. Interested students are invited to contact Prof. GIovanni De Gasperis by email to arrange an informal interview...
Tipologia: tesi di laurea magistrale
Prerequisiti: studente di magistrale del DISIM
Argomento: robotica cognitiva, intelligenza artificiale, machine learning

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Tutorato Amico

Se sei uno studente di un Corso di Laurea di primo livello e stai incontrando difficoltà impreviste nel tuo percorso di studi, allora sappi che puoi ottenere un aiuto concreto ed immediato! Il nostro Ateneo ha infatti attivato il tutorato amico, ovvero svolto da studenti che potranno assisterti direttamente nella soluzione di problemi riguardanti la didattica, lo studio e il superamento degli esami. Le richieste di tutoraggio potranno essere inviate tramite il form predisposto online all'indirizzo e saranno evase dai rispettivi CAD considerando l'ordine di arrivo e la rilevanza dei problemi segnalati, fino a esaurimento delle risorse disponibili. ATTENZIONE: IL SISTEMA DI RACCOLTA DELLE RICHIESTE DI TUTORATO...

Armundia Group s.r.l.

C++ Software Developer/Test Engineer Armundia Group is a company specializing in the design, supply and implementation of IT solutions as well as the provision of specialist consultancy services for the banking, financial and insurance sector. With offices based in Rome, Milan, Florence and L’Aquila, the Armundia Group benefits from a highly qualified and motivated team of professionals producing high-level solutions which employ the latest cutting-edge technologies securely, efficiently and reliably. Today, Armundia Group is an international reality and continues to grow with projects and consultancy in seven countries spread over two continents and has implemented its solutions into more than 70 financial and insurance institutions. The group controls Armundia srl, which is...
Riferimento accademico: Giovanni De Gasperis
Contatto aziendale: recruitmentatarmundiagroupdotcom

Disponibilità di tesi di laurea e laurea magistrale nel campo della robotica cognitiva

Dr. Eng. Giovanni De Gasperis is available as thesis supervisor and master's degree in Information Engineering, Computer Science, and Computer Engineering on topics in the field of cognitive robotics.

He is also available as a university reference person for training internships in ICT at companies and public administrations in the area of L'Aquila.

Interested students are invited to contact the teacher via email, or calling 0862 434457.