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Course Catalogue - Information Engineering Area

ATTENTION: the course pages published on this site refer to the academic years prior to 2019/2020 , and are here only as an aid to identify the programs of the previous editions of the courses. The current and complete course catalogue is now available on the University course catalogue .

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Code Name
DT0006 A primer in mechanics (A primer in mechanics)
I0714 Advanced Analysis 1 (Advanced Analysis 1)
I0383 Advanced Computational Methods In Material Science (Advanced computational methods in material science)
I0074 Advanced Numerics For Computational Finance (Advanced numerics for computational finance)
I0075 Advanced Numerics For General Mathematical Modelling Applications (Advanced numerics for general mathematical modelling applications)
I0081 Advanced Topics In Fluid Dynamics (Advanced topics in fluid dynamics)
I0063 Algorithms And Data Structures (Algorithms and data structures)
DT0098 An introduction to continuum mechanics (An introduction to continuum mechanics)
F0974 Analisi Numerica Ii  
I0175 Analysis Of Engineering Experiment (Analysis of Engineering Experiment)
I0183 Applied partial differential equations (Applied partial differential equations)
DT0262 Biomathematics (Biomathematics)
I0447 C And C++ Programming Languages (C and C++ Programming Languages)
I0069 Classical Molecular Simulations (Classical molecular simulations)
DT0051 Combinatorics and Cryptography (Combinatorics and Cryptography)
DT0112 Complex analysis (Complex analysis)
DT0005 Complex Variables (Complex Variables)
I0070 Computational Materials Engineering (Computational materials engineering)
I0674 Computational Mechanics Of Structures (Computational Mechanics Of Structures)
I0071 Computational Nanotechnology (Computational nanotechnology)
I0670 Computer modelling and simulations of biomolecules (Computer Modelling And Simulations Of Biomolecules)
I0082 Computer Tomography (Computer tomography)
I0072 Computer-aided Material Design (Computer-aided material design)
I0697 Concrete Algebra (Concrete algebra)
DT0295 Continuum mechanics and thermodynamics (Continuum mechanics and thermodynamics)
I0062 Control systems (Control Systems)
DT0279 Data analytics and data mining (Data analytics and data mining)
I0459 Dynamical systems and bifurcation theory (Dynamical systems and bifurcation theory)
I0565 Electronic Devices (Dispositivi Elettronici)
I0677 English as a foreign language (level B2) (English as a foreign language (level B2))
I0475 Experimental Training And Training Seminars (Experimental training and training seminars)
I0145 Financial Mathematics (Financial Mathematics)
I0076 Financial Mathematics, Computational Finance And Risk Management (Financial mathematics, computational finance and risk management)
I0051 Functional Analysis In Applied Mathematics And Engineering (Functional Analysis In Applied Mathematics And Engineering)
I0692 Graphs And Algorithms (Graphs and algorithms)
DT0252 High Performance Computing Laboratory and Applications to differential equations (High Performance Computing Laboratory and Applications to differential equations)
I0731 If Fluid Dynamics Turns To Biology (ip) Ii (If fluid dynamics turns to biology (IP) II)
I0429 Industrial Seminars And Training (Industrial seminars and training)
DT0077 Intensive Programme (Intensive Programme)
I0675 Intensive Programme On Mathematical Models In Life Scieces (Intensive Programme On Mathematical Models In Life Scieces)
I0673 Intensive Programme On Mathematical Models In Life Sciences (Intensive Programme On Mathematical Models In Life Sciences)
I0729 Introduction To Biomathematics (Introduction to biomathematics)
DT0254 Kinetic and hydrodynamic models (Kinetic and hydrodynamic models)
DT0110 Mathematical Economics and Finance (Mathematical Economics and Finance)
DT0247 Mathematical fluid dynamics (Mathematical fluid dynamics)
I0693 Mathematical Logic (Mathematical logic)
I0728 Mathematical Modelling And Simulation (Mathematical modelling and simulation)
I0371 Mathematical Modelling Applications To Biology And Finance  
DT0013 Mathematical Models for Collective Behavior (Mathematical Models for Collective Behavior)
DT0294 Mathematical Models In Life and Social Sciences (Mathematical Models In Life and Social Sciences)