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Below is a list of all our lecturers. Further details are available by clicking on each name. Cannot find the person you're looking for? This list shows all the teachers currently working in this department . Click here to see the list of teachers of any currently active course or the list of teachers of any current (also not active) course .

Surname Name Contact info Courses CV


Amadori Debora
Email: amadoriatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0013] Mathematical Models for Collective Behavior  [F4M]  [I4W]
[DT0013] Mathematical Models for Collective Behaviour  [I4W]
Arbib Claudio
Email: ClaudiodotArbibatunivaqdotit
Office hours: Thu 14:00-15:30
[DT0342] Decision Models  [F4Y]
[DT0220] Optimisation Models and Algorithms  [I4W]
[F0141] Ottimizzazione Combinatoria  [F3I]


Carelli Pasquale
Office hours: by appointment
[I0565] Electronic Devices  [I4W]
[F0501] Fisica II  [F3M]
Coccia Mimi
Email: mimidotcocciaatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[I0671] Principles of structural and cell biochemistry  [I4W]
Colangeli Matteo
Email: matteodotcolangeli1atunivaqdotit
Tel: 0862 434718
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0254] Kinetic and hydrodynamic models  [F4M]  [I4W]


D'Ambrosio Raffaele
Email: raffaeledotdambrosioatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0307] Numerical Methods For Differential Equations  [F4M]
[DT0312] Numerical Methods For Linear Algebra And Optimisation  [I4W]
D'innocenzo Alessandro
Email: alessandrodotdinnocenzoatunivaqdotit
Tel: +39 0862 434473
Office hours: by appointment
[I0062] Control systems  [I4W]
[I00000] Modellistica e controllo di reti di telecomunicazioni  [I4I]  [I4T]
Di Francesco Marco
Tel: 0862 434712
Office hours: Wed 15:00-17:00 ,
   Thu 14:30-16:30
[DT0262] Biomathematics  [F4M]  [I4W]
[DT0262] Biomathematics  [I4W]
Donatelli Donatella
Email: donatelladotdonatelliatunivaqdotit
Tel: 0862433161
Office hours: Mon 16:00-18:00
[DT0020] Analisi Mat. B  [F3M]
[DT0247] Mathematical fluid dynamics  [I4W]
[DT0247] Mathematical fluid dynamics  [F4M]


Fagioli Simone
Email: simonedotfagioliatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[I0051] Functional Analysis In Applied Mathematics And Engineering  [I4W]
Felici Giovanni
Email: giovannidotfeliciatiasidotcnrdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0440] Data Analytics and Data Driven Decision  [F4I]  [F4M]
[DT0279] Data analytics and data mining  [I4W]
[DT0179] Data Driven Decision  [F4I]
Festa Adriano
Email: adrianodotfestaatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0256] Parallel Computing  [I4W]


Gavioli Norberto
Email: gavioliatunivaqdotit
Office hours: Wed 11:00-13:00
[DT0045] Algebra mod. II  [F3M]
[DT0123] Advanced Algebra 2  [F4M]
[DT0181] Combinatorics and Cryptography  [I4T]
[DT0051] Combinatorics and Cryptography  [F4M]  [I4W]
Giuli Massimiliano
Email: massimilianodotgiuliatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0110] Mathematical Economics and Finance  [F3M]  [F4M]  [I4W]
Guglielmi Nicola
Email: guglielmatunivaqdotit
Tel: 0862433136
Office hours: Wed 15:00-17:00
[DT0021] Analisi Numerica  [F3M]
[DT0021] Analisi Numerica
[DT0252] High Performance Computing Laboratory and Applications to differential equations  [F4M]  [I4W]
Guidoni Leonardo
Office hours: Thu 13:30-15:30
[I0670] Computer modelling and simulations of biomolecules  [I4W]


Lattanzio Corrado
Tel: + 39 0862 434707
Office hours: Mon 15:00-18:00
[DT0114] Advanced Analysis 1  [F4M]  [I4W]
[I0183] Applied partial differential equations  [I4W]
[DT0150] Partial differential equations  [F3M]


Nolasco Margherita
Email: nolascoatunivaqdotit
Tel: 0862 433149
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0026] Functional analysis  [F3M]
[DT0112] Complex analysis  [I4W]


Palange Elia
Office hours: by appointment
[I0271] Nanophotonics  [I4T]
[I0419] Nanophotonics  [I4W]
Palumbo Pasquale
Email: pasqualedotpalumboatiasidotcnrdotit
Office hours: Mon 11:00-13:00 ,
   Tue 11:00-13:00
[I0549] Systems biology  [I4W]
[I0549] Systems biology  [I4W]
Paolini Marco
Email: mapaolatkatamaildotcom
Office hours: by appointment
[I0677] English as a foreign language (level B2)  [I4W]
[DT0107] English as a foreign language (level B2)  [F3M]
Pignotti Cristina
Email: pignottiatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0016] Analisi Mat. A mod. I  [F3M]
[DT0017] Analisi Mat. A mod. II  [F3M]
[DT0262] Biomathematics  [F4M]  [I4W]
[DT0262] Biomathematics  [I4W]
Pola Giordano
Office hours: by appointment
[I0649] Automazione Industriale  [I3N]
[DT0011] Modelling and control of networked distributed systems  [I4W]


Rossi Fabrizio
Email: fabriziodotrossiatunivaqdotit
Tel: 0862433139
Office hours: Tue 11:00-13:00 ,
   Thu 11:00-13:00
[DT0178] Data Analytics  [F4I]
[DT0440] Data Analytics and Data Driven Decision  [F4I]  [F4M]
[DT0279] Data analytics and data mining  [I4W]
[DT0380] Data Driven Decision  [F4Y]
[DT0059] Network Flows
[DT0215] Network optimisation  [I4W]
[DT0060] Network Optimization  [F4I]
[DT0060] Network Optimization  [I4T]
Rubino Bruno
Email: brunodotrubinoatunivaqdotit
Tel: +39 0862 434701
Office hours: Mon 14:30-16:30
[DT0017] Analisi Mat. A mod. II  [F3M]
[I0459] Dynamical systems and bifurcation theory  [I4W]
[I0060] Mathematical Fluid Dynamics  [I4W]
[DH0003] Dynamical systems and bifurcation theory  [F3M]


Sampalmieri Rosella Colomba
Office hours: Wed 17:00-19:00
[I0201] Analisi Mat. II  [I3N]
[DT0005] Complex Variables  [I4W]
Smriglio Stefano
Email: StefanodotSmriglioatunivaqdotit
Office hours: Tue 16:00-18:00
[F0140] Ricerca Operativa  [F3I]
[DT0040] Process and Operations Scheduling  [F3I]  [F4I]
[DT0219] Process and Operations Scheduling  [I4W]
Stornelli Vincenzo
Office hours: by appointment
[I0565] Electronic Devices  [I4W]
[I0027] Electronic Technologies  [I3N]


Tatone Amabile
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0006] A primer in mechanics  [I4W]
[DT0098] An introduction to continuum mechanics  [I4W]
[DT0295] Continuum mechanics and thermodynamics  [I4W]
[I0052] Mechanics of Biomaterials  [I4W]
[I0052] Mechanics of Solids and Materials  [I4W]
Triacca Umberto
Email: umbertodottriaccaatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0003] Calcolo delle Probabilit√† e Statistica Mat.  [F3I]
[DT0367] Introduction To Statistical Learning  [F4Y]
[DT0104] Time Series And Prediction  [F4M]  [I4W]
Tsagkarogiannis Dimitrios
Email: dtsagkaroatgmaildotcom
Office hours: Fri 14:30-16:30
[DT0022] Calcolo delle probabilit√† A  [F3M]
[DT0052] Stochastic Processes  [F4M]  [I4W]