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Information for Your Journey

last update: November, 2011

Before you start your journey:

    • Find an apartment where to stay. You may get help from previous GSEEM students or from our International office.
    • Check the weather forecast in L’Aquila (see, for example, can be uneven throughout the year.So check the forecast and plan your travel as per that.
    • Keep your airline tickets (photo copy) with you along with your boarding pass. Depending on the mobility type, we might be able to refund your travel costs (this applies for EURECA and EUROWEB, for example, not for the GSEEM). 
  • Food: It is expensive at the restaurants. Bring few cooking utensils if possible, or you can buy at L'aquila.  (Cooking utensils are normally available, mostly house are furnished) , you can buy cheap furniture at Globo or maury´s and also some pilows , blankets and so on.
  • Bring few passport size photographs with you for various purposes (10-15 will be enough). We will also need photocopies of passport front and visa page.
  • Learn Italian! Few people outside the University speak good English in L'Aquila, so its the best bet to be familiar with Italian in advance. So learn few important phrases and get an Italian dictionary with you. Indeed, you will have a chance to learn Italian in our University. Write the names of important bus stops or your home address on paper, as italian pronunciation is different w.r.t English.
  • You shall have received a couple of phone numbers to call in case of emergency.
  • Get a map of L'aquila if possible, its a small town and you don't need to have complete map of every corner. Just look for the city center (Google map)(map).

How to reach L'Aquila (from the closest airports)

See below information on how to reach L’Aquila.

When planning your trip from the arrival airport to L'Aquila, please consider that it can take 45-60 minutes to get your luggage.
If your flight is arriving late in the night or get delayed, it may be convenient for you to spend the night to Rome or Pescara (depending on where you
are arriving) and come to L'Aquila the day after.

  • From Roma Fiumicino to L'Aquila:
    You need to take a train from Fiumicino Airport to Roma Tiburtina, then a bus from Roma Tiburtina to L'Aquila. See below.
  • From Roma Fiumicino to Roma Tiburtina bus station:
    • Take first a train from the Fiumicino Airport to Roma Tiburtina.The train station is reachable by foot in 3 minutes from inside the Fiumicino Airport. Buy the ticket at the train station and remember that you have to validate (stamp) it in the yellow boxes at the beginning of the coach. Contact the tourist information window at the train station if you have any problem. Ticket: 8 euros, 45 minutes.
    • (Do NOT take the train going to Roma Termini. The one stopping to Tiburtina, typically goes to ORTE/FARA SABINA);
    • For a timetable, go to the website (there is an English version), and fill in the search string in this way: “Leaving from?" Fiumicino Aeroporto, “Going to?” Roma Tiburtina. You will get the full list of trains from Fiumicino to Roma Tiburtina.
  • From Rome Ciampino to Roma Tiburtina bus station: 
    • you can get Terravision buses ( to reach Termini and then get the subway to reach Tiburtina bus station (B line direction Rebibbia). Outside the Roma Tiburtina train station, you will find a bus station. see below.
  • From Pescara Airport to L'Aquila: 
    • You will find buses to reach the Pescara train and bus stations right in front of the airport. These buses run very frequently. There is the public line (n. 38) which runs about every 15 minutes and arrives to the station. At the Pescara bus station you will easily get the buses to L'Aquila. You can buy the ticket online or at the station. The company that runs to L’Aquila is ARPA. It has a ticket office just in front of the bus stop, across the parking next the place where you got off from the n. 38. 
    • Either you should have received all the information about reaching your accommodation or about someone accompanying you from the L’Aquila bus station to your accommodation. 


First days in L’Aquila

Here is a list of things you may need during your first days in L’Aquila. If you are in trouble, you may contact the phone numbers you received before your arrival.

  • Centro Commerciale L'Aquilone: It is the main commercial centre in L’Aquila, where you can buy everything you may need from electronics to shoes.

  • City Center: this map shows where city center is. This is still under re-construction and you have to be aware of city streets that are still closed since you can´t pass over there.

  • Phone Call: If you need to make a phone call, you can do the following things:
    o Phone Card: Go to, for example, and buy a convenient phone card (credit card and internet connection are required for buying it)
    o Phone Card: you can go to a tobacco shop and ask for a phone card. They are typically more expensive than the first option.
    o Skype: if you have an internet connection, you can download a voice over IP tool (like Skype, With this tool, you can call for free another computer or you can buy some credit and call to cellular or standard phones.
    o Internet point: there is an internet point close to Piazza Duomo (see this map).
    o Mobile phone: If you have a mobile phone, the easiest way is getting a sim card (see below)
  • Map: It is necessary to have a map of the place to find your way around. You can take printouts of maps from Google map for the first few days. The welcome package from the international office will contain a map for later use.
  • Photos: It is better if you can bring passport and stamp sized photos from your home country.But in a case you don't have then their is always an option of getting it here(can be a bit expensive).
  • SIM card for your mobile phone: If you have a cell phone, and you want to get an Italian SIM card, you can get one easily.There are many service providers and you can get one as per your preference. Else you can go for "WIND" which provide cheap call rates and have various plans like "call your country", "Noi Wind" and other plans as well. The WIND sim card can be bought at Piazza del Duomo.The only document you need to furnish for getting a sim card is a copy of your passport (you don't need to carry a photocopy, they will do it for you) and you must know your local accomodation address. There is also a WIND store near to carrefour market at via strinella and at “Mediaworld” in L´Aquilone.
  • Food: There are many shopping malls all around L'aquila where you can easily get few things of your interest for cooking.In a case if you are not in a condition to cook then you can probably look for "Pizzeria", where you can enjoy Italian pizza!
  • Internet at home: Your apartment may or may not have internet connection. If you don’t, then it is a good and immediate solution to get a data card(Internet key). There are many service providers for this aswell, so you may look for a solution as per your budget.To give you an idea -WIND Internet key is available at an initial cost of 10 Euro, then there are monthly plans like 9 Euro - 50hrs,15 Euro - 100hrs, 30 Euro - 15GB etc.
    NOTE: Since email will be the only means of communication, it is strongly advised that you get such an internet key immediately after your arrival.
  • Italian Language: If you are new to Italian and really interested in learning it, then probably you can inquire about a language class at International office.The language center of University of L'aquila is very closer to the place from where you can get your monthly bus pass (see next).
  • Transport: AMA Buses are available connecting the university to various parts of the city. The cost of a ticket for one travel is 1 Euro and is available at most of the shops near bus stops (as per July 2011, the ticket is free). The monthly bus ticket is the cheapest way to commute. It can be bought near Fontana Luminosa (see map) and costs around 27 Euros.

Things to do as you arrive in L'Aquila:

  • Step 1: go to the apartment.
  • Step 2: International Office: You shall go to the international office located in Reiss Romoli (from Bus terminal you must take Bus number 108 that will bring you to Reiss Romoli). The name of the Office in italian is URI. After reaching to that office try to meet Marco. They will welcome and help you. Specially they will help you in filling the permesso di soggiorno documents as it is in Italian. They will need 2-3 photographs of you. You will be given a welcome package and you can even ask for a map of L'Aquila. They will help you with: 
    • Codice Fiscale: the international office will guide you.
    • Bank account: you shall open a local bank account in order to be paid. It is free for students. You can ask for this at “UNICREDIT Banca” other banks might have some limitations.
    • Insurance: If you need insurance, please ask to Henry Muccini. If you are not covered by the project that brings you in L'Aquila, you can go to Collemaggio's  hospital and ask for “ tessera sanitaria”. You pay about 150 euros/year and this is the equivalent to the italian european health card for forgeiners. Requiremenets: copy of your passport, permesso di soggiorno or ricevuta.
  • Step 3: Make an appointment with prof. Muccini: send an email to henrydotmucciniatdidotunivaqdotit to set an appointment with him.

Documents to print and fill in: 

(all those documents will be provided by Henry Muccini during your meeting with him)

  • Travel costs Refund Request Form: to be filled in, signed, and given to the GSEEM/EUROWEB UDA coordinator, together with your airline/bus/train original tickets. Keep the receipts of all the payments for the refunds (if applicable)
  • Contract: to be filled in, signed, and given to the GSEEM/EUROWEB UDA coordinator.
  • Lab Access: if you need to access the Computer Science Department Labs, you will need to fill in a form.

How to reach:

  • The Computer Science Department: you can take either 108 or any other bus going towards "Ospedale/Università", the place is known as "Coppito".
  • The Engineering School: you can take bus 79 (108 passes through Engineering School as well) and exit at very last stop.
    Make it sure that the bus is going towards "Ingegneria". (Bus 108 passes through Engineering School & Economics School (Riess Romoli) as well. Last stop for 108 is Centro Commerciale L'Aquilone. 79 & 77 do not operate now, they change the bus numbers). Download the full time table from here for all the bus routes
  • The Economics School: The Economics School is re-located to Reiss Romoli. If you are travelling from the Bus Terminal 108 passes through all the Computer Science, Engineering adn Economics school.