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GSEEM students overal winner of the SCORE contest (The Student Contest in Software Engineering) at ICSE 2009, the biggest conference on Software Engineering

The first SCORE contest was a challenge held in Vancouver Canada during the ICSE conference. It was the first time in this International Conference on Software Engineering for student to participate actively. There where 50 registered groups, and only six of them were selected as finalists and went to Vancouver.Three GSEEM student were involved in these project: Federico Ciccozzi, Savino Ordine e Gianluigi Ciambriello, and all of them arrived to the final. They partecipated following a course held in MDH called "Distributed software development".
The SCORE winning group is composed by Nikola Tankovic, Gianluigi Ciambriello (GSEEM student), Savino Ordine (GSEEM student), Sonja Milicic, Danijel Zovic and Zafar Bhatti Ahmad worked on the project "BTW: if you go, my advice to you".

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Here a list of some students that have a success story to a foreign University:

Guido Diodato, Gianluigi Ciambriello, Alessio Di Simone, Savino Ordine, Leonardo Festa, Guido Di Campli, Giovanni Piemontese, Paolo D’Amelio e Federico Ciccozzi:
one year spent at the Malardalen University, Sweden, throught the GSEEM

Andrea Florio e Selena Salustri: currently at the VU University, Amsterdam, throught the GSEEM programme

Maya Cardone, Damien Andrew Tamburri, Antonio Bianco, Attilio Scarinci: thesis work at Terma GmBh (Germany). Maya and Antonio are currently employed at
Terma GmBh. Damien and Attilio received an offer to work in that company.

Francesco Brugnoni: thesis at the Tudor research centre, Luxembourg. He is currently employed there.

Paolo Cavalcante, Luca Graziani, and Charlie Vattani: thesis work in  Siemens SCR, Princeton, USA.

Alessandro Rossini: thesis and PhD at the University ofi Bergen, Norwey

Graziella Iezzi: thesis at the University of Luxembourg .

Umberto Bachetti: Master degree form the University of L'Aquila. Currently working in Pune, India.