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Course Catalogue - Mathematics and Applications Area

ATTENTION: the course pages published on this site refer to the academic years prior to 2019/2020 , and are here only as an aid to identify the programs of the previous editions of the courses. For the current course catalogue

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Code Name
I0658 Electronics I (Elettronica I)
F1I054 Elementi di Logica  
F1I054 Elementi di Logica (Introduction to Mathematical Logic)
F1I003 Elementi di Matematica  
I0656 Elettronica II (Electronics II)
DT0097 Elettronica Industriale per L'Automazione e l'Energia (Industrial Electronics for Automation and Energy)
I0536 Elettrotecnica (Electrotechnical)
I0032 Embedded Systems (Sistemi Embedded)
I0677 English as a foreign language (level B2) (English as a foreign language (level B2))
DT0107 English as a foreign language (level B2) (English as a foreign language (level B2))
I0117 English as Foreign Language (Level B1) (English as Foreign Language (Level B1))
I0117 English as Foreign Language (Level B1) (Inglese livello B1)
DT0276 English Language B2 (Lingua inglese B2)
F0019 English Language Level A2 (Lingua Inglese)
I0662 English language level B1 (Lingua inglese B1)
F0633 English Language Level B1 (Lingua Inglese B1)
I0592 English Language level B2 (Lingua Inglese B2)
DT0183 Environmental impact of EM fields (Impatto Ambientale Dei Campi Elettromagnetici)
DT0161 Equation of Mathematical Physics (Equazioni della fisica matematica )
I0475 Experimental Training And Training Seminars (Experimental training and training seminars)
DT0323 Financial Data Analytics and Investment Data Driven Decisions (Financial Data Analytics and Investment Data Driven Decisions)
I0145 Financial Mathematics (Financial Mathematics)
I0076 Financial Mathematics, Computational Finance And Risk Management (Financial mathematics, computational finance and risk management)
F0075 Fisica (Fisica)
F0143 Fisica (Physics)
I0199 Fisica Generale I (General Physics 1)
I0205 Fisica Generale II (Fisica Generale II)
DT0100 Fisica generale II (General Physics II)
F0061 Fisica I (Fisica I)
302130 Fisica II  
F0501 Fisica II (Fisica II)
F0885 Fisica Matematica 2  
F0531 Fisica Moderna (Fisica Moderna)
F1I008 Fondamenti dell'Informatica I (Foundations of Computer Science I)
309030 Fondamenti dell'Informatica: Algoritmi e Dati Distribuiti  
308130 Fondamenti dell'Informatica: Semantica dei Sistemi Distribuiti e Paralleli  
I0044 Fondamenti Di Comunicazioni (Communications Fundamentals)
I0265 Fondamenti Di Informatica (Fundamentals of Informatics)
F1I057 Fondamenti di Programmazione  
F0050 Fondamenti di Programmazione con Laboratorio (Foundations Of Programming And Laboratory)
F0191 Formal Methods (Metodi Formali)
F0190 Formal Methods and Verification of Complex systems (Metodi Formali e di Verifica)
DT0131 Foundation and Methodology of Mathematics Education (Foundation and Methodology of Mathematics Education)
DT0124 Foundation of Mathematics (Foundation of Mathematics)
F0196 Foundations of Computer Science II (Fondamenti dell'informatica II)
I0051 Functional Analysis In Applied Mathematics And Engineering (Functional Analysis In Applied Mathematics And Engineering)
I0197 Geometria (Geometry)
DT0018 Geometria A (Geometry A)
F0045 Geometria B (Geometria B)
DT0019 Geometria B (Geometry B)