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[info]Archived News

Armundia Group s.r.l.

Test Engineer Armundia Group is a company specializing in the design, supply and implementation of IT solutions as well as the provision of specialist consultancy services for the banking, financial and insurance sector. With offices based in Rome, Milan, Florence and L’Aquila, the Armundia Group benefits from a highly qualified and motivated team of professionals producing high-level solutions which employ the latest cutting-edge technologies securely, efficiently and reliably. Today, Armundia Group is an international reality and continues to grow with projects and consultancy in seven countries spread over two continents and has implemented its solutions into more than 70 financial and insurance institutions. The group controls Armundia srl, which is based in Rome, and...
Riferimento accademico: Giovanni De Gasperis


Dear All,

please find here:

an updated list of topics for possible Thesis/Projects.

Tipologia: Thesis/Projects

Offerta di lavoro su IoT Cybersecurity a Roma

DeepCyber is looking for a Junior IoT Cybersecurity Consultant focused on ICS/IOT/Automotive/Naval/Military. The main activities are design, scouting for new technology and development of technical solutions in the national and international context. Requirements: - Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or similar;  - 1/2 years of experience in cybersecurity area; - knowledge of the framework: ISO, NIST, ENISA, SAE, etc.  - knowledge of IoT protocols and frameworks;  - cybersecurity certifications are preferred; - english and Italian fluent; - work authorization in Italy is a must.  Soft skills: - customers relationship;  - teamwork and collaboration; - write and verbal...
Riferimento accademico: Vittorio Cortellessa
Contatto aziendale: Antonio Mauro (DeepCyber)

Offerta di lavoro su Risk Analysis in Cybersecurity a Roma

The "Nemesys" project stems from the need to design, implement and engineer a Risk Analysis tool in the field of CyberSecurity. The software will be used in the enterprise environment and will be able to cover various technologies including hypervisor, cloud infrastructures and IoT devices. The trainee, together with a team of security experts, will: • Participate in the identification of functional and non-functional requirements. • Select the technologies to use • Design the data mart • Identify the algorithms and models best suited to risk classification • Develop and document the risk analysis software At the end of the development, the software will be provided to customers who use security services in order to monitor the...
Riferimento accademico: Vittorio Cortellessa

InterConsulting srl assume Ingegneri dell'Informazione e Informatici

InterConsulting, società di Ingegneria operante da più di 15 anni principalmente nel mercato dei Sistemi per la Difesa, l’Aerospazio e la Sicurezza, per i quali fornisce Soluzioni e Servizi ad alto valore aggiunto, ricerca due figure professionali per inserimento in azienda:

C++ SW Engineers 

 SW Test Engineers 

I requisiti e le competenze richieste, unitamente ad ulteriori informazioni, sono riportate nel documento allegato.

Tel:   349 9205613
Interconsulting Srl
Sede legale e operativa
Via Adriano Olivetti, 24/26 - 00131 Roma

Riferimento accademico: Prof. Costanzo Manes
Contatto aziendale: Ing. Fabio Marcella

Armundia Group s.r.l.

Armundia Group is a company of excellence that designs and provides innovative software solutions for the international financial and insurance world, has been growing since its foundation and with extremely important clients in each of the 10 countries in which it operates. Armundia is searching for the L'Aquila site programmers and analysts with previous work experience or even without experience . Requirements: • Java (J2EE java enterprise edition), • JavaScript, Html, XML, SQL, CSS (good level), • Development of Web applications (basic level), • Object-oriented programming (good level), • React JS and Bootstrap (basic level), The profile is completed: • Ability to analyze and problem solving, • Good human relations and customer...
Riferimento accademico: Giovanni De Gasperis
Contatto aziendale: Alessandro De Leonardis

MAGGIOLI Informatica cerca sviluppatori software

MAGGIOLI Informatica, gruppo leader nello sviluppo di prodotti, servizi e soluzioni integrate per la trasformazione digitale, l’innovazione di processo e la semplificazione della Pubblica Amministrazione, delle Aziende e del mondo delle Libere Professioni,


- SVILUPPATORI SOFTWARE per le sedi di L'AQUILA, TERAMO. Dettagli sul profilo richiesto e l'invio telematico del CV sono disponibili al seguente URL:

- SVILUPPATORI JAVA per la sedi di SANTARCANGELO DI ROMAGNA, FORLÌ, TREVISO, L’AQUILA. Dettagli sul profilo richiesto e l'invio telematico del CV sono disponibili al seguente URL:


Riferimento accademico: Prof. Massimo Tivoli
Contatto aziendale: Dott. Montefiori Andrea

Scuola Matematica Interuniversitaria: Eventi 2019

La scuola matamatica interuniversitaria organizza, per l'anno 2019, le attività illustrate di seguito. Per maggiori informazioni e per le modalità di iscrizione si prega di consultare la pagina web Corsi SMI PERUGIA 22 Luglio - 16 Agosto 2019 Algebraic Geometry: Chris Peterson, Colorado State University Differential Geometry : Liviu Ornea, University of Bucharest Functional Analysis : Marius Ghergu, University College Dublin Mathematical Statistics : Larry Goldstein, University of Southern California Numerical Analysis : Michele Benzi, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa Corso SMI CORTONA 1 Luglio - 5 Luglio 2019 Holomorphic isometries between Kähler manifolds and related topics Ngaiming Mok, The University of Hong...

Course Intelligent Systems And Robotics Laboratory

All the design and development activities concerning the cognitive robotics projects of the "Intelligent Systems and Robotics Laboratory" course can be carried out in the laboratory "Sistemi di Interazione e Calcolo", room A-1-38 , at Coppito 2, starting from Monday 25/2/2019 .

The lecturer

G De Gasperis


Guida pratica all'uso dei servizi amministrativi

In allegato la guida pratica all'uso dei servizi amministrativi per gli studenti dei corsi di laurea afferenti al DISIM.