Professore Associato

Giordano Pola


cyber-physical systems, mathematical systems theory
10 Analisi e Controllo di Sistemi Complessi
ING-INF/04 - Automatica
Information Engineering

Curriculum   Scholar Scopus


  • Mathematical approach towards resilience engineering in ATM (MAREA) EU WP-E Research Projects, 2011-2013 (30 month). Responsible for the University of L’Aquila. 
  • Safety, Complexity and Responsibility based design and validation of highly automated Air Traffic Management (iFly) EU FP6 STREP, 2007-2011 (51 months). Responsible for the University of L’Aquila from M25 to M51.  
  • SMart In home LIviNG: Tecnologie innovative per la sensoristica e l’automazione dedicate alla Domotica (SMILING) - Bando RIDITT 2009, 2012-2014 (21 months). Researcher. 
  • Network of Excellence- Highly-complex and networked control systems (HyCON2) EU FP7 NoE, 2011-2014 (48 months). Researcher. 
  • Automated Synthesis of Embedded Control Software - National Science Foundation CAREER award 717188, 2006 -2010 (48 months). Researcher. 
  • Metodologie avanzate per il controllo di sistemi ibridi (MACSI) – Progetto PRIN 2005, 2006-2007 (24 months). Researcher. 
  • Network of Excellence - Hybrid Control: Taming Heterogeneity and Complexity of Networked Embedded Systems (HyCON) EU FP6 NoE, 2004-2008 (48 months). Researcher. 
  • Metodologie di progetto di controllori immersi per sistemi ibridi – Progetto PRIN 2002, 2003-2004 (24 months). Researcher. 
  • Distributed Control and Stochastic Analysis of Hybrid Systems Supporting Safety Critical Real-Time Systems Design (HYBRIDGE) EU FP5 STREP, 2002-2005 (36 months). Researcher. 
  • Design of Embedded Controllers for Safety Critical Systems (COLUMBUS) EU FP5 STREP, 2002-2004 (24 months). Researcher.

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