Expression of Interest for Positions

2021 Direct Calls Program

Expression of interest for positions in either of Computer Science/ Information Engineering/ Mathematics


The Department of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics of the University of L’Aquila invites applications for academic openings at the Researcher, Associate, and Full Professor level in either of the fields of Computer Science, Information Engineering, and Mathematics. The positions will be covered through a Direct Call procedure (see below).

The Department is seeking figures whose requirements depend on academic rank and include: outstanding record of high impact research, excellence and leadership, involvement in the development of the department’s academic program, its strategy and governance, teaching of high quality undergraduate and graduate curricula, participation in large-scale grant applications.

The successful candidate is expected to be/become fluent in the Italian language.

The Direct Calls program of the Italian Ministry of University and Research provides opportunities to co-fund academic positions to scientists and scholars who have been working abroad with an equivalent position for at least three years. More details about Direct Calls program and eligibility criteria can be found below.

Any further enquire can be addressed to the email address

Expressions of interest must be submitted electronically throughout the following form, by including a brief CV (containing a full list of publications, academic records, prizes, honours, grants, teaching and student supervision experience), and a research statement of at most 2 pages (including a description of research interests and perspectives of collaboration within DISIM).

Candidates are encouraged to apply by the end of October 31, 2021.

The Department of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics is committed to increasing the gender balance of its faculty and particularly welcomes applications from qualified women.

The applications will be reviewed by a cross-disciplinary Selection Committee and will follow the official Direct Calls procedure. The Direct Call recruitment process involves several approval steps and requires the endorsement of the Ministry of University and Research. The procedure is therefore expected to be completed and the position to be filled within November 1, 2022. The Rector confirms the appointment by Decree and sets the relative salary class depending on merit and length of service (art. 1, c. 9, L. n. 230/2005). 


Please note that this is not a permanent job vacancy advertisement. The expressions of interest received will contribute to the decision of the University of L’Aquila on whether or not to proceed with the request of positions to the Ministry of University and Research.

Additional Information

The Direct Calls program of the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research provides opportunities to cover academic positions through direct calls to Italian and foreign scholars meeting at least one of the following requirements:

  1. scholars who have been working abroad on a permanent teaching or research position in a foreign university or research institution (art. 1 c.9 L. n. 230/2005) for at least THREE years, and holding an academic position equivalent to the one she/he is applying for;
  2. scholars who have already worked in teaching or research positions in Italian universities for at least THREE years on a direct call basis authorized by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (art. 1 c.9 L. 230/2005).

For successful candidates having held academic positions abroad, there are some tax benefits, as, for example, a tax relief on 90% of the salary that may be granted for a duration up to six years.
For more detailed information on tax benefits see the two following links:

Links to information and legislative references: 


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