Workshop on Equilibrium Problems and Related Topics May 20–21, 2022

Remarks on the Berge maximum theorem
John Cotrina

A notion of conjugacy for one-dimensional set-valued mappings
Fabian Flores-Bazan

Quasiconvex families of functions and quasimonotone families of
Nicolas Hadjisavvas

Duality for quasiconvex minimization over closed convex cones
Juan Enrique Martinez-Legaz and Wilfredo Sosa

Well-posedness for set-valued equilibrium problems
Mihaela Miholca

Quasi-variational problems with non-self map on Banach spaces:
existence and application
Monica Milasi

Characterizations of solutions to equilibrium problems
via extreme or exposed points
Nicolae Popovici and Valerian-Alin Fodor

Solution methods for generalized Nash equilibrium problems
with mixed-integer variables
Simone Sagratella

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