Computer Science and Operations Research

The Computer Science and Operations Research area is composed of about 27 faculties, working in the scientific disciplines of computer science and operations research, and several post-doc and PhD students.

The main investigated research areas are:

  • Software and Architecture Engineering, with special emphasis on the architectural design and verification of complex software systems, model-driven engineering and web applications;
  • Autonomous Agents and Artificial Intelligence, Answer Set Programming, Machine Learning, and Heuristic Programming, with particular attention devoted to knowledge representation in non-monotonic reasoning and preference handling. Applications: mobile e-commerce, smart energy management, hybrid systems, and robotic planning;
  • Automata, Formal Languages and Stringology and their applications to data compression and bioinformatics;
  • Theory and Applications of Algorithms, data structures and use of computational complexity, graph theory and game theory for the optimization, performance evaluation and determination of efficient solutions in distributed systems, autonomous social networks and communication networks;
  • Operations Research Methods and Applications, with the study of solution methods for combinatorial optimization and integer linear programming and their application to the design and management of telecommunications networks, manufacturing systems and IT infrastructures.

Degree Programs

Research Groups

Workshop MCHBS 2021 - 28-30 settembre 2021

Cari colleghi,vi ricordo che da domani, per 3 giorni, avrà luogo il Workshop (online) Mathematical Modelling and Control for Healthcare and Biomedical Systems (MCHBS ...

Presentazione dei piani di studio della Laurea Triennale in Informatica

Si avvisano gli studenti del III anno della Laurea Triennale in Informatica che venerdì 1° ottobre 2021, alle ore ore 10.00, sul team "Corsi Opzionali/Optional Courses - ...

Posticipo lezioni Prof.ssa Sammarra Business Organizzation

Le lezioni di Business Organizzation, Prof.ssa Sammarra, inizieranno il giorno 04 ottobre 2021 ...

Spostamento corso di Intelligent Knowledge Representation and Processing for Event Detection

Il corso di Intelligent Knowledge Representation and Processing for Event Detection, opzionale nei curriculum della Laurea Magistrale in Informatica, è spostato al secondo ...

Variazione orario I settimana Algoritmi e strutture dati con laboratorio (Proi

Si avvisa che nella settimana 27/09 - 01/10 il calendario delle lezioni del corso di "Algoritmi e strutture dati con laboratorio" subirà la seguente variazione (inversione ...

Posticipo inizio lezioni Prof.ssa Tessitore Alessandra

L'inizio del corso di DT0358 Methods and Techniques for Biotechnologies, modulo Methods and data Analysis for Nucleic Acids and Proteins per il corso di laurea F4Y Data Science ...

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