• SEAMS 2015

    10th International Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems

    May 18–19,2015Firenze


Self-adaptation and self-management are key requirements in many modern and emerging software systems, including the industrial internet of things, cyber-physical systems, cloud computing, and mobile computing. These systems must be able to adapt themselves at run time to preserve their operation in the presence of uncertain changes in their operating environment, resource variability, new user needs, intrusions, and faults.

Solutions to complement software systems with self-managing and self-adaptive capabilities have been proposed by researchers from different areas including software architecture, fault-tolerant computing, programming languages, robotics, and run time program analysis and verification. Additionally, solutions have been proposed in related areas like biologically-inspired computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, control systems, and agent-based systems. The SEAMS symposium focuses on applying software engineering to these solutions, including methods, techniques, and tools that can be used to support self-* properties like self-adaptation, self-management, self-healing, self-optimization, and self-configuration.

The objective of SEAMS is to bring together researchers and practitioners from many of these diverse areas to investigate, discuss, and examine thoroughly the fundamental principles, state of the art, and critical challenges of engineering self-adaptive and self-managing systems.


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Keynote Speakers


Welcome and announcements


Jeff Kramer, Imperial College London

Adventures in Adaptation: a software engineering playground!

Morning Break

Session 1: Modeling and Analysis

Session Chair: Rogerio de Lemos


(Steering Committee Meeting)

Session 2: Self Adaptation and the Cloud

Session Chair: Sam Malek

Afternoon Break

Session 3: Control Theory

Session Chair: Carlo Ghezzi

Session 4: Artifacts

Session Chair: Carlo Ghezzi

Artifacts Demonstrations

Day Ends

SEAMS Dinner


Marco Carvalho, Florida Institute of Technology

Resilient Command and Control Infrastructure for Cyber Operations

Morning Break

Session 5: Self Adaptation Applications

Session Chair: Radu Calinescu


Panel: SEAMS Renaissance

Afternoon Break

Session 6: Decision-making and Execution

Session Chair: Danny Weyns

Closing and SEAMS 2016 Presentation

Calls for Papers

Submissions are now closed. Check later to see the program.

Call for Papers Call for Artifacts


Organizing Committee

Paola Inverardi General Chair, University of L'Aquila, Italy
Bradley Schmerl Program Chair, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Romina Spalazzese Publicity Chair, Malmo University



For the first time, SEAMS organized a session devoted entirely to artifacts. Artifacts are frameworks, exemplars, case-studies, etc. that are intended to be used by others to evaluate and compare self-adaptive research.

Program Committee

  • Jesper Andersson, Sweden
  • Nelly Bencomo, UK
  • Yuriy Brun, USA
  • Radu Calinescu, UK
  • Javier Cámara, USA
  • Betty Cheng, USA
  • Myra Cohen, USA
  • Rogério de Lemos, UK
  • Gregor Engels, Germany
  • Antonio Filieri, Germany
  • David Garlan, USA
  • Carlo Ghezzi, Italy
  • Holger Giese, Germany
  • Hassan Gomaa, USA
  • Alessandra Gorla, Germany
  • Seok–Won Lee, South Korea
  • Jeff Magee, UK
  • Sam Malek, USA
  • Hausi A. Müller, Canada
  • John Mylopoulos, Italy
  • Bashar Nuseibeh, UK
  • Patrizio Pelliccione, Sweden
  • Mauro Pezzè, Switzerland
  • Vitor Silva Sousa, Brazil
  • Ladan Tahvildari, Canada
  • Norha Villegas, Colombia
  • Danny Weyns, Sweden

Artifact Evaluation Committee

  • Thomas J. Glazier, USA
  • Gabriel Moreno, USA
  • Alexander Perucci, Italy
  • Alireza Sadeghi, USA
  • Christos Tsigkanos, Italy
  • Thomas Vogel, Germany

Steering Committee

  • Luciano Baresi, Italy
  • Nelly Bencomo, UK
  • Gregor Engels, Germany
  • Rogério de Lemos, UK
  • David Garlan, USA
  • Paola Inverardi, Italy
  • Marin Litoiu (Chair), Canada
  • John Mylopoulos, Italy
  • Hausi A. Müller, Canada
  • Bradley Schmerl, USA